Farm Fresh Honey from Our Home to Yours

Here at John & Wayne Honey Farm we make all our own honey sticks from our own honey.  We got tired of only having one source in the country tell us what flavors we had to buy and how many we had to buy.  So Wayne set to work and made his own Honey Stick Machine.  Now John & Wayne Honey use their own honey to make their own honey sticks.  The flavors we make are our own creations and the kids are the official go, no-go, for us.  Here are a few pictures of Wayne making some sticks.  

If your interested in Wayne making you a machine visit our contact us page and let him know. Or order it direct below.

Honey Stick Machine

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Our Honey stick machine.  

Make your own honey sticks and increase your profit.  Our honey stick machine is made with Food Grade Manifold making 9 sticks at one time.  You can make approximately 400 sticks an hour.  The Honey Stick Machine comes with  the Manifold with 9 Chrome plated valves, Sealer, Hot Plate, Pump, 2500 Straws, Instructions and a Video explaining its operation.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for your machine to be made and shipped to you.

Honey Stick Machine


Straws Ready to be Filled

Straws Filled

Straws First Seal Made

Straws 2nd Seal being Made

Honey Stick machine

The Finished Honey Stick Machine