Farm Fresh Honey from Our Home to Yours


John & Wayne Honey Farm is a small family run business. We got our start in the fall of 2003 when Wayne’s children were waiting for the school bus and spotted a small swarm of bees in a stump.  Wayne tried to capture this swarm but were unable to. The next year we ordered three packages of bees and have grown steady ever since.

Wayne expanded beyond those three hives and in 2005 John & Wayne Honey farms was in business, selling to the public at craft fairs and from the door step.

In 2008 John & Wayne Honey expanded into a local grocery store. Carbondale Thriftway

In 2010 they added their own Honey Sticks to their product line and found them an instant success. They quickly found that Honey Sticks were a top seller and expanded to ten flavors. All honey sticks are made by hand and each flavor has to be kid tested (that is the kids rule.) Also in 2010 they started to make all natural lip balms. These too, have become a local success.

In 2012 We expanded our Lip Balm line and also are formulating our very own line of Hand Creams, made with all natural ingredients.

At John & Wayne Honey Farm we only produce the finest products for your table. We never heat our honey nor do we filter out all the wholesome goodness that the bees put into it. Your honey is the freshest and the best that you can get without having a hive of your own.

Wayne is standing next to a nice large swarm of bees.

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